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MCC Eco Sleeper  System. MCC Eco Sleeper  System. MCC Eco Sleeper  System. MCC Eco Sleeper  System. MCC Eco Sleeper  System. MCC Eco Sleeper  System.
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MCC Eco Sleeper System
Read More on MCC Eco Sleeper System’s Web Brochure ... Tereck Diesel Ltd. proudly supports and supplies the MCC Eco Sleeper Web System.

Relax in peace and quiet, without engine noise. The MCC Ecosleeper Compact will always give you a comfortable sleeping temperature during your down time, whether in the heat of the day or warm nights.

Turn off the engine, set the temperature with the Electronic Climate Controller and you turn down operating costs. The MCC battery powered A/C system maintains an even temperature without using the truck’s engine. The system is comprised of an Evaporator Unit, a Condenser Unit, an In Frame mounted power compressor module and controller plus it is easy to both install and maintain.

  • EcoSleeper Compact.
  • Fully Battery Operated DC Powered Modular A/C System.
  • Stay comfortable.
  • Save $$$ while you rest.
  • Compact Design.
  • Quick Installation.

Get MCC Eco Sleeper System installed at Tereck Diesel Ltd.

Read More on MCC Eco Sleeper System’s Web Brochure ...

Read More at MCC Eco Sleeper System brochure ...

See More at MCC Eco Sleeper System web site ...

See Map Directions: North Part of St. Boniface on Dugald Road

See Tereck Diesel’s: Quality Policy

System Components

MCC Eco Sleeper System.

MCC Eco Sleeper System.

MCC Eco Sleeper System.

MCC Eco Sleeper System.

MCC Eco Sleeper System.

  • Features Leading Edge Technology

  • 9800 BTU/hr (2.8 kW/h) cooling capacity.
  • Meets anti-idling regulations.
  • Quiet operation <65dB.
  • Stand alone electronic climate control and power source.
  • Up to 10 hours unit run-time using 1150 CCA* AGM customer supplied pure lead batteries.
  • Simple unit installation and low maintenance operation.
  • Low battery voltage protection.
  • Easy access compressor box.
  • Compact size to fit in a wide range of trucks.
  • 45 Amp average for 12 VDC (70 Amp maximum peak).
  • Semi hermetic 12 VDC brushless motor scroll compressor.
  • Operators Display notifies driver when it is time for service.
  • Alerts can also be sent back to maintenance facility through optional fleet tracking.

  • System Overview

  • Meets the industry’s demand for a high quality.
  • Very affordable system.
  • No-idling, zero emissions.
  • Modular system for easy access and installation.
  • Energy efficient, environmentally conscious.
  • Least amount of weight in its class.
  • Very compact size.


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