Shop Carrier ComfortPro Auxiliary Power Units in Winnipeg & Manitoba

The Carrier ComfortPro Diesel Auxiliary Power Units (APU) provide users with a range of non-idling and cab comfort products for both heating and cooling. The Carrier ComfortPro APU units come with four main models to choose from: integrated, stand-alone, power-only, and electric. There is also the option to customize your unit to your specific needs. With the COMFORTPRO you can expect:

  • Air Conditioning and Heating for total climate control of your sleeper.
  • 6000 watts of 115V household power for any onboard appliances.
  • 60 amps of truck battery charging.
  • Engine preheating for cold weather starts

Tereck Diesel supplies, installs and services Carrier ComfortPro Auxiliary units to provide idle cab heat and cooling for diesel-powered transport trucks, buses, RVs and heavy equipment. Cold winters and hot summers are inevitable but you can be comfortable in your cab with Carrier’s ComfortPro auxiliary power unit. And with engine preheating in cold weather, your truck starts easier and is warmer faster, and you can reduce your idle time and save on fuel. We sell, install, and service your power unit, so make an appointment with us today.

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