Anti-Idle Solutions for Cab Comfort

Today’s diesel engines are not meant to idle for extended periods. But cab comfort for drivers and operators is a must – who wants to sit in a cold vehicle in winter or be stuck in a hot cab without air conditioning in the summer?

At Tereck Diesel, we specialize in auxiliary power units that provide heating and cooling for transport trucks, buses, RVs and construction equipment without the need for idling. Our specialty comes from necessity - our Manitoba climate serves up extreme cold temperatures in winter and blazing hot summers.

To best serve our customers, we sell, install and service a wide variety of idle management systems that provide heat and/or cooling for your commercial vehicle. These include:

  • Carrier Comfort Pro
  • AutoClima
  • Espar/Eberspaecher
  • Proheat (Dometic)

Let us help you set up your single vehicle or your fleet with no-idle auxiliary power units that meet your needs. You’ll reduce the wear and tear on your engine and have more comfortable drivers.

If you already have an auxiliary power unit or a no-idle system and you need it repaired, maintained or replaced, come see the experts at Tereck Diesel.

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