Shop Shocker Positive Air Shutoff Systems in Winnipeg & Manitoba

Tereck Diesel Ltd. proudly supports and supplies the Shocker Positive Air Shutoff System. North American made with systems manufactured for all diesel engine runaway, the ShockerPass positive air shutoff is a must-have for your diesel engine.

A diesel engine will use any fuel available to keep itself running, even after the key has been removed. This can cause the engine to “run away” and inflict catastrophic damage not only to the engine but also to property and personnel that may be in the vicinity.

This system monitors your engine RPM and can automatically shut off the air supply to the engine to prevent the engine from doing so. It is also available in a manual operator-controlled style.

The Shocker PASS is capable of automatically sensing high-revving "run away" situations, and will automatically shut the valve, closing the air supply to the engine to protect the engine itself, as well as property and personal in the area.

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