Shop Continental Hydraulic Hoses in Winnipeg & Manitoba

Tereck Diesel supplies and installs Continental Hydraulic Hoses and fittings for construction, gas and oil, mining and manufacturing, and transportation industry vehicles. Continental hydraulic hoses and fittings work in the harshest environments and climates. We have hoses for:

  • Constant Pressure – for high-pressure hydraulic applications where a more flexible hose is required.
  • Maxim Abrasion Resistance – for very high-pressure applications that may include surges or flexing like you would see in Construction equipment for example.
  • Extreme Temperatures – for machines with hydraulics are used in extreme cold.
  • Standard – for low to high hydraulic pressure requirements.
  • Special/Custom Applications – we can meet your unique hydraulic needs.

Tereck Diesel makes custom hydraulic hose assemblies on-site to fit your exact application and specification. Call us today about your Hydraulic hose needs.

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