Shop Webasto Auxiliary Power Units & Engine Fluid Circulation in Winnipeg & Manitoba

Tereck Diesel sells and installs Webasto anti-idling systems into a wide variety of commercial vehicles including transport trucks, buses, RVs and heavy equipment like loaders. Webasto heating and air conditioning auxiliary power units are engineered to work at extreme outdoor temperatures – including cold and heat – to provide in-cab comfort for operators in the heavy-duty transportation industries.

Webasto coolant heaters pre-condition the truck's engine helping to reduce fuel costs and downtime, due to engine and DPF maintenance.

We carry, install and service the Webasto Air Top 2000, Thermo Air Top 2000 ST, Smartemp Control 2.0 and can include Programmable heater start.

For a trusted name in no-idle systems, ask Tereck Diesel about supplying and installing a Webasto system in your vehicles today.

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